ET85 etalon

ET-Series Etalon Specifications

ET Etalons can be tuned by up to 15 orders in the visible and are assembled using optical contacting to give them the best mechanical accuracy and exceptionally high vibrational immunity. Etalons can be made that operate at various wavelengths and ranges in the UV to the IR.

Detailed Specifications of ET-Series Etalons:

  • Clear apertures of 28mm, 50mm, 70mm 85mm, 100mm, 116mm and 150mm
  • Surface Flatness of λ/50 to λ/200
  • Wedge angles of 10-15minutes or zero (±1fringe)
  • Mirror spacings from ~3μm to>100mm
  • Cavity tuning range starting from ±1.8μm for visible etalons
  • Materials include fused silica (FS), oxygen-free silica (WF), zinc selenide (ZS)
  • High reflector dielectric coatings for the cavity mirrors
  • AR coatings for the input and output surfaces