CS100 Controller

CS100 Closed Loop Controller

The high quality modular construction of the CS100 makes it robust and reliable. High quality precision components are used throughout to ensure the performance of the unit. The standard equipment includes a USB interface, allowing full remote control of the etalon parallelism mirror spacing and system response time. An analogue interface provides cavity scanning of ±1μm with an input of ±10V.

A 16bit intelligent interface is also available that can be programmed to perform pre-defined scanning sequences and full remote control without the need to approach the unit.

Detailed specifications are:

  • Electronic noise equivalent displacement of the mirrors of 10pm/√Hz rms with 3m cable loom
  • Electronic drift (temperature stability) of 0±50pm/°C
  • Settling time of <1.0ms
  • Resolution of 12 bits (16bits also available as an upgrade)
  • Piezo voltage of ±750V
  • USB computer interface (HRR16BM interface also available)
  • analogue input of ±10V
  • Operating temperature of 0-40°C, ambient and non-condensing
  • Cabinet dimensions of 520x153x400mm
  • Internal 19 inch rack size of 483x133x380mm
  • Mains voltage 210-260VAC or 90-130VAC

Fully functional demonstration control software and source code is available on request for use with the USB interface and Windows version 7.